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Related post: Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 09:36:06 -0700 (PDT) From: J Navotny Subject: Rag my cowboy/chapter 1This story is copyright 2011 by Julian and is protected by copyright law. Please loli cp kds tgp do not copy or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual persons or events are purely coincidental. This story may contain sexual situations between males. If this subject offends you c g incest lolicon or you should lolicon free images not be reading this type of story, You assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to _tinyskater5894aol.com_ ( . Thanks and enjoy.CHAPTER 1 It all started when I moved lolitia preteen in with my uncle on his farm. It loli sexy was 3d lolicon videos the beginning of summer break and my parents were moving to Italy for a year. I chose not to go for a few reasons. One, I dont speak italian, two, I preferred the states, and three, I loli angel porn rather just stay with my uncle since hes like my best friend. So my parents had asked my Uncle Charlie if I could stay with him, obviously he said yes. Before I go any russian loli porn sites further let me photo loli tell you a little about me. I'm 12, I have emerald green eyes and dirty lolitta picture blonde hair, i weigh about 60 pounds tiny loli pussy and am 4"9 with a natural tan, thanks to my mom who is brazilian. I arrived at the airport a little after noon. As I walked to the baggage claim to paysite loli get the little suitcase I had packed I spotted my uncle rushing to me. His short brown hair spiked and green eyes sparkling. My uncle was a very handsome man I loli young hot models thought to myself. "Uncle Charlie I missed you!" I said wrapping my arms around him. It had been 2 years since I saw him. We had always had a special bond and were close. photos young loliat pussy "Jonah iv missed you too!" He said picking me up and hugging me. naked loli 12yo He let me down and led me to the baggage line we waited as everyones bags passed but mine. "Uncle Charlie lolipop girls gallery I think they lost my suitcase." I said frowning up at heaven lolicon angels him. He gently squeezed my shoulder as we waited a few minutes. "Guess they did buddy" he said walking away. I sat on a bench while he filled out some papers for when they find my bag. "Come on kiddo. They said they will loli naked girl send your suitcase when it turns up." He said grabbing the one little bag I had with me. I followed him out to his truck and we got in. "Jonah a friend of mine lives with me now, his name is Adam. He helps with the farming" Uncle Charlie said without taking his eyes off the road. "Thats cool, does he know I'm ukrain loliza moving in? I asked looking out the window. "Yep, he does. Hes making you dinner as we speak. Also, his nephew is staying for a month or young loliat magazine so. Hes 13." My uncle said looking over at me and smiling. "Good I'll have someone to play with and not just the farm animals." I said laughing. He laughed too. "Whats the boys name? I asked. "His name is Reagon, but he goes by Rag. I want you to be careful around him though. He lives with us because he is a bit of a trouble maker, if he hurts lesbian lolits you or does no nude loli model something you dont like you tell me ok?" He said with a sten look on his face. "ok" I replied. small lolitta porn movies I thought to myself why would anyone want to go by the name Rag, but then again who would want to go by Reagon. I knew the drive to his farm illegal sex loli was atleast 4 hours away, so I decided to catch some z's. I woke up when we got on the gravel road leading to his house. "Rise lolits underage and shine sleeping beauty" my uncle said as I yawned. I looked at the time on his radio nearly 4:50. As I looked out the window at all the trees going by I started to feel anxious and my bladder was full. "Are we almost there, I have to pee." I said squirming in my seat a lil. "Almost." Uncle Charlie said pointing to the house 12yo loli jpg in front sven bbs loli of us. It looked just like I remembered it, except it looked a little bigger. Uncle must have seen the look on my face because he spoke up. "Adam and I built that part last summer, parent directory loli jpg before he moved in to help with the farm. That is where your room is." He said pulling up in front of the house. As we got out I saw the most beautiful boy ever known to man. uncle loli He was picking up a big bale of hay, and tossing it over the fence to lolis board nude the awaiting horses. "My uncle must have noticed my staring because he stood beside me and whispered in lolitta teen video my ear "Thats Rag." he said looking down at me. "Rag come over here I loli yong have someone I want you to meet. The gorgeous boy turned around and started making his way towards us. I couldn't take my eyes off his glistening body. He was wearing dirty jeans with a few holes in them, black cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. "Rag this forum free loli pics is Jonah, Jonah this is Rag." My uncle looked at us both fashion magazine loli and then went inside. "Hey my face is up here." he said with a toothy grin. I began preteen loli porn bbs to blush and lowered my head. "Im sorry." sweet lolity I said still looking at the ground. "Its fine" Rag said smiling again. preteen toplist loli "Rag come wash up dinners ready, Jo come in here and meet Adam. I followed Rag into the loli image bbs house but he went down the hall to the bathroom as I stopped in the living room. "Jo follow me, 3d cg lolicon images Adams upstairs so I'll show you your room real fast." Uncle Charlie said heading through the kitchen. Everything had been remodeled. I lola lolipop movie followed artwork loli nude illegal my uncle down the hallway to the back of the house where there was a medium sized bedroom. "I tossed your bag on the bed, nice clean sheets, blankets, and pillows in the closet." He said leaving the room walking back to the kitchen. I quickly made the bed before it was time for supper. As soon as I was finished I walked back into the kitchen, where a tall guy with brown hair and nice tan was setting the table. He looked up at me and said "You must be Jonah. I have heard so much about you." I smiled and started to blush. "Great you two have met each other, now where is Rag? He asked gesturing me to sit down. "I'm comin charming angels loli I'm comin." Said the still shirtless gorgeous, now clean Rag. He sat beside me and I could feel my shorts start to tighten up. "So Jonah, Charlie said your favorite food is fried chicken, lolicon pedo lolia sex and macaroni and cheese, dark cp pedo loli so I hope you like it." Adam said with a rika nishimura loli forum smile. "Im sure he will love it Adam." Uncle Charlie said winking at me. We all ate as they talked about stuff that needed to be done on the farm. "So Jonah why didn't you want to go to Italy? I would love to go there 1 day." Said Adam. "I rather stay here with my Uncle Charlie." I said with a smile. He reached over and squeezed my leg which made my penis react even more than it was. We all finished supper and as Adam and Uncle Charlie were sven sandra loli clearing the table, and Rag was already back outside I snuck off to my room. I closed the door behind me and locked it loli sexy clips and laid down on my bed. I slowly reached into my shorts and briefs and began to massage my still stiff cock. I quietly moaned to myself thinking about that gorgeous foruns loli free boy. I slid my shorts and briefs down to my ankles and started to jack my 3.5 solid inches of boy meat off harder. it wasn't long before I felt that familiar feeling in my nuts and started to jerk off like a mad man. Then there was a knock on the door. "shit!" I murmured under my breath. "Jo want to loli art nude come watch a movie with us?" My uncle asked through the door. "No thanks, I'm tired from my flight think I'm just going to go to bed." I replied. "Ok, night bud." He said walking off. I laid there panting and sighing with relief. Now to finish up I said to myself. I started wondering how big lolity sex ass Rags dick was and wondering if I'd get to see it. The thought sent me over the edge and a few drops of what I heard was called pre-teen cum drizzled out of my piss slit and my body started to shake. Finally I caught my breath and cleaned myself up. lolikon blog video hentai I quickly dozed off into a deep sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night to pee,since I never did go. As I was walking into the bathroom I heard some loud moaning coming erotic stories young loli from upstairs. "oh yea fuck me good daddy...make me can't scream Jo is asleep know what I meant just keep going..." I hadnt considered them being lovers till now, but I guess it did make sense. I had never seen my uncle with a woman and him and Adam seemed to have a "special" bond. "Their loud huh?" A voice said from behind me. I jumped to face the door spraying pee all over Rag. I quickly turned back to the toilet "shit! I'm sorry. You scared, me..." I said now starting to sob a little. I was done but couldn't turn to face him. He walked to the closet and got a wash cloth. "Its ok, loli brazil bbs iv had worse on me." He said with his toothy grin. I put my penis back japan lolicon bbs in my briefs and walked out while he washed off. I went to my room and closed the door preteen porn sex lolicon I laid down on top of the sheets. The door creaked and opened and Rag was standing there. "can I come in?" He said smiling. "Sure."I said quickly sitting up. He laid down tgp lolicon preview beside me. He was only in his boxer briefs. "I sleep out in the guest house behind the barn so I dont have to hear them every night." He said looking up at me and smiling. I smiled back and decided to lay back down. "they do it every night?" I asked giggling. "yep, every night they fuck."he said turning on his side to face me. "Cool, I didn't know they were boyfriends. I didn't know my uncle was gay." I said pulling the lolikon covers over me. The night air was chilly and the sound of the great outdoors filled the air. "Well I better get back to my bed morning comes early on the farm." Rag said and with that left my room. I laid there thinking about Rag more. His curly black hair, dark tan from dr loli bbs being out in the sun, his deep brown eyes and sexy smile, not to mention the sexy 6 pack he has. I dreamed about "my" cowboy all young loli teen night. The next morning came fast. The sun shined into my room through the two big windows on the opposite side of the room, the roster cock a doodle dooed, and the teen sex loli link sound of dishes clanging woke me up. I had to pee bad but first needed to get rid of my morning erection. I laid there playing with my balls, then my cock. I was so hard untill my club loli cute uncle walked in. "oh shit sorry Jo!" He said giggling and cp loli mpegs rushing out of the room. I looked down at my now soft penis and sighed. I quickly got up pulled on my shorts and walked to the bathroom. Once finished I went into the kitchen and sat down. Adam placed a plate in front of me and sat down across from me. "Where is Uncle Charlie and Rag?" I said through bites lolicon sample video japanese of eggs and toast. "They like to get an early start, I join them after breakfast." Adam said smiling. "Cool, I'm not lazy do you guys need help?" I asked. "We always could use more help." He replied loli tits little angels clearing away our dishes. loli gallery hardcore I loli pedo cp kids walked outside to find them both shirtless and cleaning out one of the horses stalls. "hey guys can I help?" I asked hoping they would say yes. Both guys were hot! My cock started to grow as I stared at my uncle bending over tying his boot his lolit nude model free loli hentai back lolicon masterbation movies free and chest both glistening with sweat. Rag was watching me. Just as I looked tahi loli up, he smiled that toothy grin. I blushed underage lolis and turned to see Adam walking towards us. He too was shirtless which made me harder. We spent the day cleaning the barn stalls, fixing part of the fence, and teaching me how to get the eggs from the chickens without being a scaredy cat. I seceretly always had a fear of chickens since I junior asian loli was a little boy, just because one lolia kid models chased me and I tripped and it almost poked my eye out...or so I thought. lolicon pre teen "Boys, why dont we show little Jo here the river. It has been a long day and I dont know about porno free loli yall, but I could use a little dip." My lolite porn Uncle Charlie said smiling at us. "Hell yea!" said Rag running out of the barn. My uncle followed him, and adam followed them. I wasnt sure about swimming in a stream, but I ran after them. "Guys wait for me!" I yelled chasing them. We ran through the woods for about 10 minutes. As I caught up all three lolitta pic were already naked. I stopped in my tracks. naked lolicon hentai "Jonah get your butt in here, the water feels awesome!" yelled Rag. I wasnt one who liked to be naked in front of anyone. I wouldnt have minded if it had just been my uncle, but it was my uncle, Adam, and my cowboy. "No, I think I will just watch." I said sitting on a rock. "Jo come on. Whats wrong?" my uncle asked with a concerned look on his face. "I just dont like to be naked in front of others is all." I said playing with a stick. "Jonah, we are all guys, we all have dicks, no one here is going to judge you. Ok?" he said rubbing my back. I looked up at him and cp loli russian smiled and he smiled back then turned and lolitta sex fuck ran back into the water. After about five minutes in the sun, I decided to join them and say "What the hell!" porno kids pedo loli I stripped to my blue and red striped briefs and ran into the water. Off real porn loli pedo to the side my uncle and Adam were playing Marco Polo, Rag was just sitting on a rock in the middle of the river. I swam out to him careful of my steps. "Hey." I said swimming up to him. "Hey, glad you finally got in." he said smiling and playfully pushing me away. We wrestled for a little bit. "Boys we are heading back to the house. Be home in two hours." my uncle said gathering his clothes and walking away with anal lolicon Adam behind him. We stopped wrestling and Rag got lolicon litle pusy out of the water. He laid naked in the sand with his eyes closed. I couldnt help but stare at the semi hard thing growing between his legs. It was about 5 inches once it was fully hard. I stayed in the water pretending not to notice, plus my dick was at full mass now too. bbs non nude loli "Hey Jonah come here." he said with his eyes still closed. I slowly got out of the water, making sure once I did get out, his eyes were still closed. I ran up beside him and laid on my stomach my arms under my head. "Yea?" I asked staring at his loli toon underage gorgeous face. "You ever jack off?" he asked eyes still closed. xxx free loli passwords I was hesitant to answer and felt myself start to blush. "Yes, why?" I asked turning my head the other way so he couldnt see my dark red cheeks. "Just wondering. Have you ever done it with another boy?" he asked. "No, only myself." I said turning my head back to ukraine young lolits him but still lolite illegal embarrased. We laid there in silence for a free loli model pass few minutes before he spoke up. "Want to?" he asked this time opening his eyes and looking at me. I thought I was going to explode right there. "Sure." I said looking down at his cock. "Turn over." he said sitting up. I did and sat up beside tiny loli bbs models him. He smiled and playfully pushed me back onto my back he pulled down my briefs and stared at me for a russian loli nude porn minute. Then began stroking my cock. He laid back loli guest book down and took my hand and placed it on his dick. We laid there in silence stroking one another for what seemed like forever. I was in heaven! Then I felt his lips pressed against mine and we shared a deep passionate kiss. I had never kissed anyone like that or any way close to that. I felt myself getting close and he was dark loli bbs board too. We both stroked faster japan child models loli our kiss getting a little sloppy. I felt my body jerk and my orgasm begin. He started to moan loud and cum shot through my hand and landed on his chest, then his stomach, then slowly drizzled out. We both laid there pretty spent. He smiled and leaned over and kissed me again. "Come on, lets go clean black girls lolite off." he said getting to rusian lolits sex his feet and running into the river. I followed behind him and we played for a little bit longer before heading back to the house.For more of my stories check out New Life For A Gay Boy (incest) My Little Lover Zeke (incest) I hope you enjoyed the 1st chapter porno lolits russian of Rag My Cowboy. What do you think will happen in the upcoming chapter? What would you like to see happen? If you have any comments, or ideas Email me or IM me loli nude porn at _tinyskater5894aol.com_ ( . I love hearing what you guys think.
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